Transparency Report

You may access our Transparency Reports and get detailed information about DMR.

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Our Transparency Reports provide information on the following topics:

  • Legal structure and shareholders
  • Management and Engagement Leaders
  • Legal and Structural Specifications of the Audit Network
  • Related Audit Institutions and Other Entities and the Nature of the Relations
  • Organizational Structure
  • Quality Assurance System Analysis
  • Audited Public Interest Entities
  • Independence Policy Compliance
  • Distribution of the Income
  • Pricing of the Engagement Leaders
  • Quality Control System

Our Services

DMR offers professional approaches and solutions in many fields based on independence, ethics, transparency and accountability principles. Our team consists of experienced auditors and consultants who are dedicated to provide personalized services in order to add value to your company and rise to the probable challenges that you may encounter.

Audit and assurance services

Audit and Assurance Services

With its professional competence and professional service perspective, DMR has been authorized by the Public Oversight, Accounting and Auditing Standards Authority (KGK) as an Independent Audit Firm under the supervision of Public Interest Organizations. DMR is also listed in the Firms Engaged in Independent Auditing Activities of the Capital Markets Board.
Audit and Assurance Services
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Consultancy Services

Our tax consultants provide the most accurate and effective solutions by following the constantly-changing and complex tax and financial legislation with their local and global knowledge and experience.
Consultancy Services